Female packing box

We're very excited about our new "Sliding into Home" program designed to help our clients through the move by actually providing them with moving boxes, tape, etc..

The program came from comments from a past client. He was having a hard time gathering boxes with his work schedule and I happened to see someone wanting to give boxes away on my Nextdoor Neighbor App. I picked them up and took them to him and he said,
"I've moved a lot of times in my life because of my job and I've never had a Realtor give me moving boxes! This is awesome!"

As soon as we have an accepted offer, we provide a binder with moving tips & timetables, forms for tracking utilities, box inventories, master contact list, & more giving you a place to keep all your moving info. This plus moving labels, markers & box cutters. Then we have boxes and tape delivered directly to your current home so you can get started.

We hope this will make the move a little easier for our clients. :)
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Details about the program are attached below.