Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can take many forms, from wanting to lease retail or office space, identifying & developing land, multi-family and more.

We found when we wanted  to lease our first retail space, we couldn't get a commercial broker to call us back to even answer questions, let alone show us space.  It was frustrating!

A couple of years later, a gentleman called us off the internet, left a message and David Kiernan called him back within the hour.  The man was a developer with a long history in Nevada but he couldn't get any of the big commercial firms in Indiana to return his call.  He wanted to come to Indiana, buy and develop land and then build high end office space to sell.  David told him he'd love to help but his experience was all in residential.  "Well it isn't rocket science," the man said, if you're willing to learn, I'm willing to teach you.  Work ethic, & honesty matter, I want the kind of agent that's responsive & calls me back."   That's how David got his start with commercial properties and from there, he has worked with all sectors from leasing to buying to selling.  


If you want a Commercial Broker
who will return your call,

Call, email or text David at 317-402-1482