Home Inventory Guide
Take it from us, the time to be completing a home inventory for your insurance company is NOT when you are making a claim! Years ago we had a house fire while we were not home, it started in the garage, went into the bonus room above & then through the attic. We lost two beloved pets and our home & belongings were damaged, not only by the fire but by the rain that came in through the roof the two days following the fire. We had NO INVENTORY of our possessions so we had to go through the remains, take pictures, make lists, try to remember where we bought things and how much they cost. It was a horrible time for our family and that's why I was excited to find this interactive Home Inventory created by one of our vendors.
You can note items when purchased & for how much and you can upload pictures. Keep a copy on your hard drive but also one offsite like DropBox, ICloud etc. It will ask for your name, email & phone number. We would like to add you to our Newsletter emails but at any time you do not want to receive them, just unsubscribe. I think you will find this guide very helpful. We would love to hear feedback on it as well.