Five Simple Things to Do to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Here are the five keys to concentrate on:

  •   De-clutter. Have trash bags and boxes handy.   Start cleaning out closets, storage areas, garage etc.  Sort it, discard it, donate it and if it’s something you want to keep but don’t need right away, pack it in one of those boxes.  Label the boxes neatly and store them.   When you put things back in the closet use all the same type of hangers, they don’t have to be expensive ones, just all the same.  Organize your closet by like items, i.e. pants, shirts, dresses, suits. Face them all the same direction and section by color. You’ll be surprised at how attractive it will look, like the difference between shopping at Goodwill or Macys.

  • Clean everything.  Baseboards, light fixtures, including the bulbs, dust the fan blades, the vents, blinds & windows. Don’t forget your cabinets, refrigerator, & oven.  Even wipe out the inside of your washer and dryer, (I had a buyer get very grossed out by what looked like mold around the inside lid of a washer!)

  •  Touch up paint inside your home and out, and re-caulk if needed.   Trim bushes, rake the yard, pick up debris. Sweep your porch and get rid of cobwebs.

  • Gather all of your appliance manuals & maintenance records.  Make a list of improvements you’ve done to the home, & when.

  • Finally, go through the house and take digital pictures, upload them and take a critical look. Does it look appealing?  When you look at pictures, you will usually see things you normally walk right by…maybe it looks crowded, something is crooked or really doesn’t belong.


These “simple” steps will add value to your home while costing you nothing but your time & elbow grease, a worthwhile trade!